Hydrate and Radiate!

With the most luxurious facial spray from the purest crystal spring water.

Crystal Hydration

All Natural Facial Spray

High in the Rocky Mountains winter comes early and lasts long.

During this time, a natural phenomenon takes place. One of the

purest waters in the world, dated at 33,000 years old, freezes in our

lake at its most pristine moment. Long clear crystals are formed

under the top layer and reach down into the cold lake.

These amazingly unique ice crystals are harvested and immediately

bottled to preserve all the purity within, creating this most luxurious

facial spray.

Water flows back into the lake and freezes again. This constant

renewal of crystals provides us with the source for this product as

long as the days are cold. Once the lake thaws in late spring, we

can no longer produce the spray until the next winter season.

Only the frozen ice crystals have the special therapeutic properties

that provide super hydration leaving your skin feeling fresh, young

and silky soft.

Use as a facial spray although your entire body will appreciate it.

Let air dry after spraying.

I just want to say that we have literally found the best water ever!
- The Raw Seed TV Show

Crystal Hydration - All Natural Facial Spray

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